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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Published: April 21, 2021

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The objective of the Oil and Gas Unit is to authorise, monitor and manage projects in the oil and gas sector. The Unit was official formed in August, 2019, and as such is now focused on developing its modus operandi and identifying critical areas and actions required to enable the Unit to function in keeping with the mandate of the Agency. Primary activities are centered on the following:

      1.  Authorisation of oil and gas projects in the upstream sector which include exploration surveys, exploration drilling and production;

  1. Compliance and monitoring activities which focus on the assessment of adherence with permit conditions outlined in the environmental authorisations issued by the EPA.

  2. Conducting inspections to determine causes of incidents or accidents when reported and provide follow-up actions to be implemented.

  3. Capacity building for staff within the Unit and will entail local and international training.

  • Website: http://www.epaguyana.org
  • Stakeholder Role:
    • Ensure all operations are done in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner
    • Ensure operations are in line with the environmental law
    • Issuing of environmental permits relating to the petroleum sector
    • Review all environmental assessment plans and studies